Student Work


Theses and Senior Projects Supervised Since 1998


The Evolution of Cooperation. Jeremy Spear

The Dance of the Family Skeleton: A Shared Story of Silent Origins. Melissa Rene Hughes

Four Years st Bennington College: The Identity Development of Seven Students. April West


Stereotype Threat and Gender Bias in Mathematics Education. Henna Inkeri Voutilainen


The Canter Cure: Therapy Using the Horse as an Agent and Riding as the Method. Sara Lombardi


Information Transmission in Social Groups: Communication, Networks, and Interaction. Skye Bender-deMoll

Constructive Conflict: An Investigation into the Dynamics of Resolution Processes. Nicole Rothe


The Conversational Cure and the Co-Construction of Patient Narratives. Tugce Kurtis

Long Term Effects of the 1994 Rwandan Genocide on Surviving Preadolescent and Adolescent Tutsi Girls. Jeanette Lipiello


Navigating the Black Hole: Promoting Academic Resilience in Students with Learning Disabilities. Melissa Abrams.

Public Opinion of Prewar Intelligence: Diverging Perceptions of Reality. Jeremiah Matthew Davis

What’s That Supposed to Mean? Conversational Miscommunication and Interpreter Neutrality. Elizabeth Ann McComiskey

The Death Penalty in Muslim Countries: God’s Law or the Governments’? Sultana Noon


Toward an Appraisal Theory of Empathic Response. Naomi Fisher

Pluralistic Ignorance and Unprotected Sex. Jessica Harlem-Siegel


To Give and Give Not: Motivations and Influences on Deciding Whether to Perform Charitable Act. Sonia Muscatine


Electoral Participation Among Young Americans. Amy Bernstein

Towards an Understanding of Place: Emotional Geographies as Ethnographic and Revolutionary Tools in Community Development and Research. Jacob Bielecki

“Southernness” as a Barrier to Health Care: Considering the Psychotherapeutic Needs of Southern Combat Veterans of the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Erin Clements

Lay Attitudes toward Heroin Addiction, Intravenous Drug Users, and Harm Reduction Services. Jessica Cochrane

One Man’s Psychopath is Another Man’s Offender: How Conceptions of Sexual Crime, Sexual Criminals, and Victims of Sexual Crime Changed Between 1936 and 1996. David Meresman

Putting Your Best Face Forward: Self-Presentation and Impression Formation on Facebook. Amanda Sullivan


The Precarious Figure: Creating Definitions 0f the Body in Figure Drawing Sessions. Madeline Parks


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