Student Work

Theses and senior projects supervised at Bennington College:


  • Reconciling the Miraculous: Contemporary Narratives of Childbirth by Julia Hankin
  • Quinoa Boom or Bust: How Priorities Make and Unmake Controversies by Nathan Liu
  • Exploring the Boundaries of a “Real School:” An Investigation of School-based Prevention Efforts and Education Reform by Amanda Coviello
  • Stars Group: The Search for Identity in Post-Mao China by Sheridan Baker


  • Folk Music: A Living Tradition in Kaustinen, Finland by Shannon Mahoney
  • Human Rights and Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Legislation by Megan Preis
  • ACTION! Kattaikkuttu as a Tool for Social Change by Natalie Osborne
  • Reproduction, Resistance, and Reclamation: Rediscovering the Forgotten Alliance between Women and Abortifacient Plants by Casey Wait
  • Social Identity and the Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict by Jiray Avedesian
  • The Language of Risk by Anais Duplan
  • Finding the Magpie’s Nest: Practicing Traditional Irish Song in Contemporary Society by Kate McMann
  • New Mainers and the American Experience of Giving Refuge by Grace Pease
  • Youth Identity and Musical Communication in the South Bronx: A Generational Study of Hip-Hop’s Musical Forms by Laurette Siler


  • Art Patronage in Renaissance Florence, the Medici, and the Remarkable Character of Michelangelo by Holly Camisa
  •  Contradictions in Meaning: The Many Narratives on Local Identity and Culture in Hawai’i by Brittany Curtis
  • The Importance of Body Language: Early Gaelic Ireland, Iron Age Bog Bodies, and the Impact of Collective Memory by Victoria Harty
  • Tobacco Use at Bennington College: A Contextualized Pilot Study by Logan Bingham


  • Superior Life, Superior Children: A Study of Chinese Family & the One Child Policy by Rachel Chenette


  • Three Media, One Community: An Investigation of Community Arts in Philadelphia by Corinne Frankenfield
  • Whither the Wild: Nature, Culture, and the Framing of the American Landscape by Mallory Moran
  • Spoken Language and Group Identity: A Case Study of a Lebanese Village by Bree Wallace
  • The Body is a (Dimming) Stove: A Study of the Evolution of Medicine in Tibet through the Work of Culture and the Sino-Tibetan Relationship by Noryang Yeshi


  • Development and Nature in China: An Inquiry into Frontier Frictions, Connections, Transitions and Transformations by Eliza Slater
  • Social Power, Visibility and Hooking Up: A Holistic Investigation of the Social Aspects of a Low Gender Ratio at Bennington College by Tenaya Schnare


  • Reworking Humanitarian Aid by Courtney Kaiser
  • The Vermont Way of Agriculture: An Ethnography of Local Food Culture
    by Lauren Harris
  • Ideas of Modernization and Development in China by Jessica O’Callahan


  • Tea Water: A Study of the Public Health Systems on a Sri Lankan Tea Plantation by Nadine McLeod
  • Among Women of Khera Kalan by Aarti Rana
  • Education is Our Connection to the Past and Our Hope for the Future: The Creation of Nuestra Historia Education Curriculum and its Role in Reconstructing Afro-Ecuadorian Identity by Rebecca Robinson


  • Vermont’s Cultural and Ecological Journey through Time by J. Vivian Gray
  • The Forgotten People: An Exploration of What It Means to Be a Berber Shepherd in Morocco by Indaia Whitcombe
  • Leave Me Alive: The Experiences of Child Soldiers in Northern Uganda by Maren Coniglione


  • Walls that Speak: How Women Express their Culture through the Contemporary Mural Movement in Mission District of San Francisco by Ariana Kanwit
  • Religion in Practice: Ashanti Traditional Priests in Post-colonial Ghana by Adam Sussman


  • AIDS in Africa by Falak Madhani


  • Interrelationships between People and their Landscape: An Ethno-ecological study of Sugar Makers and their Sugar Bushes in Bennington County, Vermont by Dana Visser
  • A Struggle in Concert: The Role Music Played in the South African Resistance Movement against Apartheid by Alyssa Lowe
  • Utilizing Sexual Knowledge: Sociocultural Determinants of Sexual Decision Making in American Women by Anatte Kormendi
  • HIV/AIDS in Africa and the Need for the Inclusion of a Human Rights Approach by Rowan Kunz
  • Svan Songs: Polyphony and Identity in Svaneti of the Republic of Georgia by Andrea Boothby


  • Domestic Violence in a Marginal Population: A Case Study of an Inner-City Slum in Mumbai by Aadya Bedi


  • Another Brick in the Wall: A Look into Recent Events in Ústí nad Labem, the Czech Republic by Keelin Isenhower
  • Kumina by Meagan Mattingly


  • American Kinship: A Three Part Narrative including an Analysis of American Kinship, a Family History, and Personal Essays on an American Family by Julia Fahey


  • Wind Carries the Seed: Memory, Representation, and Experience. A Discussion of Personal and Collective Remembering through the Lenses of Culture, Power, Narrative and Space by Elyzabeth Gaumer
  • Ethnic Identity and the Cultivation of Difference: An Inquiry into the Origins and Development of the Sri Lankan Conflict by Srinivasaraghavan Lalapet
  • How Much Can Fly Ideas…An American Exploration into Indian Music by Cybele Paschke
  • The Acadian Oral Tradition: An Inquiry into the Ethnic Identity and Storytelling of Minority French-Speakers in County Clare, Nova Scotia by Lisa Gustavson
  • The Pin-up Representing America during World War II by Lynn Murphy


  • A Place Called Home: The African Refugee Experience in Portland, Maine by Rebecca Stubbs

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