Mirka Prazak continues to study various aspects of the relationship between economic development and cultural change, the overriding concern of her work for the past 25 years. Most of her work has been done in rural, southwestern Kenya. Some of the various topic investigated include:

  • Age and gender based hierarchies as bases of social and political organization and inequality
  • Education and employment as criteria of status and power and factors of differentiation
  • Family composition and dynamics
  • Fertility and sexuality
  • Genital cutting
  • Adolescents and social change (in Kenya and U.S.A.)
  • Ethnicity and migration (both in relation to ethnic cleansing and as part of the process of homestead fissioning)
  • Mortality
  • The impact of HIV/AIDS on sexual practices and on family
  • Political ecology of smallholder agriculture
  • Click here to view a gallery of images taken during Mirka’s recent fieldwork in Kenya.

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