Other Courses

Previously Taught Courses


  • Sociocultural Anthropology
  • People, Culture and Society
  • Peoples and Cultures of Africa
  • Many Peoples, One World
  • Making a Living (economic anthropology)
  • Being Human (four-fields)
  • Production, Consumption, and Exchange


  • Colonialism and Its Aftermath
  • (Re)Presenting Culture (ethnographic film)
  • Exploring the World through Research: Methods and Theory
  • From an Indigenous Point of View: Voices and Words of Cultures of the World
  • U.S. of A: Multiculturalism and Diversity
  • Reading the Body
  • Other People’s Worlds
  • Anthropology of Art
  • Global Capitalism
  • Consumerism


  • History of Anthropological Theory
  • Theories of Social Life
  • Cultural Localities