Student Work

1. Angela Herring: Bennington ’09: Coauthor:

Photochemical reactivity of two gold(I) dinuclear complexes,
cis/trans-(AupNBT)2dppee: Isomerization for the cis-(AupNBT)2dppee isomer,
radical substitution for trans-(AupNBT)2dppee
Janet B. Foley , Angela Herring , Bo Li , Evgeny V. Dikarev

 Present position: Science writer at Northeastern University

2. Sharon Ostfeld-Johns: Post Bac student presently enrolled at University Of Rochester Medical School

Reasearch on the medicinal properties of gold(I) complexes:

Two Birds With One Molecule: A Novel Annular Gold (I) Phosphine Dithiocarbamate with Twice the Anticancer Potential

3. Olivia Gannon: Undergraduate ’12: Research on ligand exchange reactions of PPh3AuX as potential inhibitors of selenoenzymes.

Senior Paper