Invited Talks

2013    “Lost Women: Transient Technologies and the Creation of Invisible Authors”.  Featured speaker for Women’s History Month.  Sonoma State University.  March.

2011    “Republic of Women: Reconfiguring the Republic of Letters in the Seventeenth Century”.  Featured presentation at the Republic of Letters Workshop, Stanford Humanities Center.  April.

2010    “Ephemeral Academy: Female Scholars at The Hague in the 1630s.”  Symposium on The Making of Early Modern Scientific Knowledge: Objects, Spaces, Practices and Epistemologies.  University of Warwick, UK.   July.


Selected Academic Talks

2013    “Information Factory: Circulating Science in the Seventeenth Century.” Paper presented at the International Congress for the History of Science, Technology, and Medicine. Manchester, UK.  July.

2012    “Antilia, Macaria, America: Learned Utopias in the Republic of Letters.” Paper presented at the Huntington conference North America and the Republic of Letters.  Huntington Library.  December.

2012    “Neither Fish nor Fowl: How Texts and Authors were Redefined in the Hartlib Circle.” Paper presented at the Renaissance Society of America conference, Washington, D.C.  March.

2012    “Samuel Hartlib’s Information Factory: Form, Function, and the Circulation of Knowledge.” Presented at the annual American Historical Association conference, Chicago.  January.

2011    “Collaborating with the Enemy: Conflicting Agendas in the Republic of Letters.” Presented at the History of Science Society conference, Cleveland, OH.  November.

2011    “Intellectual Geography.  An Ephemeral Academy at the Exile Court: The Hague in the 1630s.” Presented at the Cultures of Knowledge Project conference, Oxford University, UK.  September.

2011    “Choosing Your Relatives: Constructing Intellectual Kinship in the Republic of Letters.”  Presented  at the annual American Historical Association conference, New York.  January.

2010    “Doctors Like Ourselves: The Elusive Meaning of “Us” in Seventeenth-Century Medical Writing.” Presented at the Society for Renaissance Studies conference, University of York, UK.  July.

2009    “Failing to Bond: or, You Can’t Make Friendship Happen Just Because It Makes Sense”.  Paper presented at the Renaissance Society of America conference, Venice, Italy.  April.

2009    “The Incomparable Lady Ranelagh: Medicine, Authority, and the Older, Smarter, Sister of Robert Boyle.”  Presented at the annual American Historical Association conference, New York.  January.

2008    “What’s in a Name? Rethinking the Practices of Early Modern Publication.”  Presented at the Renaissance Society of America conference, Chicago.  April.

2008    “Ephemeral Academy: The Hague and the Republic of Letters in the 1630s.”  Presented at the Spaces of the Self in Early Modern Culture conference, William Andrews Clark Memorial Library.   April.

2007    “The Hartlib Circle and the History of the Book.”  Presented at the Social Networks in Early Modern England Conference, New College, Oxford University.  September.

2006    “The Peoples’ Republic of Letters: From the Ground Up.”  Presented at the Renaissance Society of America Conference, San Francisco.  March.

2004    “Lost in Translation: Gender and the Practices of Knowledge, 1630-1680.”  Presented at the Sixteenth Century Studies Conference, Toronto, Canada.  October.

2003    ” ‘A Useful Category of Analysis’? John Pell, Gender, and Intellect.”  Presented at the Folger Shakespeare Library Seminar “Women on the Verge of Science”.  Washington DC.  May.